Facebook Reels monetization requirements| Eligibility

What is Facebook Reels monetization?
Facebook Reels are short, entertaining videos of 03 to 60 seconds created by creators to reach a new audience on Facebook. Your reels can be; dance videos, motivational talk, comedy, personal journals, discoveries, adventure and so on.

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2: How can I make money on Facebook reels?
To monetize your Facebook reels, you must have to be invited into the program but you can’t get invited if you are not posting. Start writing down video content ideas you can use to create your Facebook reels.⁣ More Facebook reels viewers, more money in your pocket.

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3: Can I add Music and effects to my Facebook reel?
It allows you to add effects and music or use audio from another person’s video. Adding music and effects to your reels helps to bring your ideas to life.

4: How do I create Facebook reels?
To create a Facebook reel, either you tap reel from the top of Feed or while watching another reel. These are steps on how to create Facebook reels.

5: Must it be only my recorded videos Or I can upload any interesting videos I have?
You can either record directly or upload an existing video from your phone that is about 03 seconds to 60 seconds long.

6: How can I find the reels option on my Facebook?

If you can’t find it, simply update your Facebook. Please note that the Facebook reel is not available for Facebook lite users.

7: How can I monetize Facebook reels?
You can monetize reels in 5 ways.
1: Reel Play Bonus Program (up to $35k/mo on qualified Reels)
2: In-Stream Ads
3: Ad Revenue Share (banner ads & sticker ads)
4: Stars
5: Fan Support.